US to Upgrade of F-35 Stealth Fighter

According to some reports, United States is set to prepare the F-35 stealth fighter to deal with future threats from Russia and China.

Defense Department is investing resources to upgrade various systems of the F-35. Engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney claims that the enhancement of the engines must be part of the large upgrade project.

As per the plan, Pentagon is to upgrade the F-35 with new weapon systems, computer technologies, and various software that will enable the plane to deal with the improvements that the Russians and Chinese are installing in their fighter planes and air defense systems.

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However, according to a news website, modernization of the engines is not included in the Block 4 upgrade project. Jen Latka, Pratt & Whitney’s vice president for the F135 engine program, claimed that now is the time to get the requirement and the funding in place, and then start the program. 

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