US Conducts ‘Successful’ Test of Hypersonic Missile

US Navy stated on Thursday that United States successfully tested a hypersonic missile technology.

The test, conducted Wednesday at a NASA facility in Wallops, Virginia, is a “vital step in the development of a Navy-designed common hypersonic missile,” the navy said in a statement.

“This test demonstrated advanced hypersonic technologies, capabilities, and prototype systems in a realistic operating environment,” the statement added.

The hypersonic missile can fly more than five times the speed of sound.

US permanent representative to the Conference on Disarmament Ambassador Robert Wood expressed concern earlier this week following reports that China had conducted a test in August of a hypersonic missile with nuclear capacity.

According to the Financial Times, China launched a hypersonic missile that completed a circuit of the planet before landing, missing its target.

“We are very concerned by what China has been doing on the hypersonic front,” said Wood, who next week steps down from his post in Geneva after seven years.

China insisted that the test was a routine one for a spacecraft rather than a missile.

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