Singapore’s Security & Intelligence Division Launches Official Website

Singapore’s highly secretive external intelligence agency under the Ministry of Defence, Security and Intelligence Division (SID) launched its official website on Monday.

The website tasks include assessing the impact of geopolitical developments, disrupting terrorist plots, and understanding cyber attacks and disinformation campaigns.

While much of SID’s operations remain classified for national security reasons, the official website will give Singaporeans a better sense of the significant work SID does and an opportunity to explore a wide range of careers at SID.

Justifying the need for the official website, SID spokesperson said, “Singapore is facing challenging security issues in an increasingly complex and volatile world. The information that we collect and analyze to detect and counter threats comes from wide and varied sources. The technologies to make sense of such information are evolving rapidly. By increasing SID’s visibility, the website will help us to recruit Singaporeans from diverse backgrounds with the right values and experts who can contribute to our mission. It will also help us to strengthen existing linkages and forge new partnerships.”

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