Russia to Develop Under-Ice Aquatic Drone

Russia’s Lazurit Central Design Bureau has teamed up with defense concern Almaz-Antey to develop an unmanned underwater vessel (UUV) capable of running under the ice for up to three months, TASS reported.

According to the report, the underwater drone “Sarma” will be able to work autonomously under the ice for up to three months, while transmitting data and receiving new tasks.

Alexander Vedrov, Deputy General Director of the concern of East Kazakhstan Region “Almaz-Antey” said that the prototype of the Sarna drone is being built and will be completed by the end of this year, while serial production will begin in 2024.

“The deadline for the prototype is this year. Next year, we plan to move on to the creation of the head sample, and in 2023 – these are power plants and equipment that will complete the construction of this device.”

Alexander Vedrov


The Sarma is outfitted with precision navigation equipment, a communication system, and a range of equipment to help it perform underwater. TASS added that the UUV can dive up to 1 km (0.62 miles) and cover a distance of 8,000 kilometers (4,971 miles). 

Deputy head of physical and technical research direction of the Advanced Research Fund (FPI) Viktor Litvinenko told the Moscow-based outlet, “The Sarma UAV is being created for long-term operation under the ice. Today we do not know any analogs with the ability to work for about three months without surfacing.” 

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