Russia and US Ready To Hold Talks On Ukraine

Washington and Moscow ready to hold talks on Ukraine on security issues on January 10, White House stated.

“The United States wants to have a dialogue with Russia”

US National Security Council Spokesperson

Talks between Russia and NATO could take place on January 12th, and talks between Russia and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe could take place on January 13th, the spokesman said.

Russia wants to halt NATO’s eastward expansion and prevent Ukraine’s full membership in the organization, which Moscow sees as a threat.

Washington assures that no decision will be made in talks with Moscow without consulting the allies and Ukraine.

For weeks, the West has been alarmed by reports that Russia has amassed tens of thousands of troops in areas near Ukraine.

Russia’s Defense Ministry announced on Saturday that more than 10,000 troops would return to their bases after taking part in military maneuvers. The agency did not say how many of them were on the border with Ukraine.

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