Webinar: Current Situation and the Historical Aspects of Palestinian Issues

Welcome to the House for Strategic and International Affairs’ webinar on “Current Situation and the Historical Aspects of #Palestinian Issue”

⚡ Through this, we tried to bring up the facts and status of the Palestinian issue. We focused on that why it (the illegal annexation of Palestinian land) has been ignored by world leaders and international organizations.

We discussed the current status of the Palestine issue with a complete background of #ISRAEL becoming a state and its future.

✨ I had an honor to host and moderate some senior experts including a Ph.D. scholar Dr. #JunaidAkram. He has expertise in decolonization, will bring up his thoughts about the issue. Our second guest Mr. #ShahidRaza, a Strategic Affairs Experts will share his views on different aspects. Last but not the least were accompanied by Dr. #UmarRiaz Abbasi who is a Ph.D. in “Globalization and Contemporary Muslim World.

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