“Difference Of Opinion Can be Minimized,” Erdogan Tells Herzog

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has held a phone conversation with his Israeli counterpart, Isaac Herzog, saying the continuation of dialogue between the two countries is in the common interest.

A statement issued by Turkey’s Communications Directorate stated that Erdogan highlighted the significance of the two countries’ relations for the “security and stability of the Middle East” and noted that “differences of opinion can be minimized if acted with mutual understanding in both bilateral and regional issues”.

Erdogan further emphasized the importance of restoring “peace, tolerance, and culture of coexistence in the region”, as well as the enhancing of Palestinian-Israeli relations and the resumption of the peace process.

He also said that maintaining talks and dialogue between Turkey and Israel would be “mutually beneficial”.

A statement by the Israeli presidency said the conversation was conducted in a positive spirit, adding that the two leaders agreed to remain in contact.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett later spoke with Erdogan and thanked Erdogan for helping to resolve the affair.

“The prime minister said this is a solution to a humanitarian issue and noted favorably the communication between the countries, which functioned efficiently and discreetly in a time of crisis,” Bennett’s office said.

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