China is Leading the Race Towards 6G

World superpowers started competing for the 6G when the 5G wireless network went mainstream. Samsung and Huawei are in the leading position. Those companies provide some leadership to South Korea and China, while the United States is desperate to regain the lost status in innovation.

China went one step ahead and stunned the world by sending the 6G satellite into orbit last year. It was revealed by the Embassy of China in the United States on Nov 6, 2020, through the tweet.

The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United States of America

The National Intellectual Property Administration believes that China accounted for 35 percent of the global 6G-related patent applications, followed by the US with 18 percent.

Earlier this month, the US Senate passed a new bill for more research and innovation funding of $US250 billion.

In April, the US and Japan announced a joint investment of US$4.5 billion for the research, development, and testing of 6G.

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