Baby Robo-Shark at China Military Expo

Baby Robo-Shark at China Military Expo
A shark-shaped underwater robot at the 7th China Military Intelligent Technology Expo in Beijing on July 5, 2021
(Picture source: Liu Xuanzun/Global Times)

Yesterday, China introduced some of its latest achievements in the military intelligent technology by displaying advanced combat robots at an expo in Beijing.

The underwater robot that looks just like a small baby shark. It is independently developed by Boya Gongdao Robot Technology. Baby robo-shark features low noise, long-endurance, fast speed, and high flexibility. Replacing the traditional propeller, the Robo-Shark’s power source is the bionic tailfin, which can give it a top speed of 6 knots.

Robo-Shark can conduct underwater operations like close-in reconnaissance, search and rescue, battlefield surveillance, anti-submarine, hydrological survey, communications relay and underwater tracking missions.

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